Zhenspace is a division of Yzhensiang Photography based in Penang, Malaysia which specializes in photographing architecture. Zhenspace is founded by Mr. Yang which aims to deliver a bespoke curated set of photographs that realises the vision of interior design and architecture projects through holistic approach.
In the past few years, he has work with some of the most prestigious clients to craft visually appealing images across Malaysia. Yang’s photography has helped many of his clients to present themselves through the art of photography and obtained various international design awards.
His images have been used for publication in China Museums, Advertising, Tatler Asia, CNA Luxury, local newspapers & magazines.
Yang’s visual identity often referred to as being bold in showing the mood and atmosphere while evoking a sense of emotion in feeling and humanity. He often emphasise the importance of story telling in capturing that one still and timeless frame. 
His love for photography started with the passion to showcase the best sceneries from his humble hometown, Penang which was only ever known as a food heaven. His burning passion towards this discovery process has led to the production of countless iconic personal project in documenting the little moments and tiny surprises of Penang. His curated personal projects are where he broadcast the beauty of Penang to the world.​

Yzhensiang Photography (PG-0445296X)
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